1932 Rosengart Boat-Tail

Lot : A33

1932 Rosengart Boat-Tail Speedster


Auctioned on SAT, 2009-10-16

Auctioned at Al Webster Collection 2009


Sold at $ 19,260



Exterior Color:

Interior Color:


Lucien Rosengart was a French engineer who began working with the Andre Citroen company and eventually became a skilled businessman who helped both Peugeot and Citroen stave off bankruptcy. It was this involvement that led Lucien to begin building his own cars and production began in 1927. The first generation of Rosengarts were powered by Austin motors, later to be replaced by Rosengart’s own superior 6 cylinder engine, which the racing community embraced. Subsequent to its original production, this example was fitted with a Speedster body for appearance and competition purposes. The example offered here participated in a 3 hour French rally for vintage automobiles, “Les Grand-Meres Automobiles” in 1983. This running & driving Rosengart is equipped with correct Marshall headlights and a rechromed grille.