1958 Fiat-Bodied Ted

Lot : A10

1958 Fiat-Bodied Ted Hogan Modified Stock Car


Auctioned on SAT, 2009-10-16

Auctioned at Al Webster Collection 2009


Sold at $ 13,375



Exterior Color:

Interior Color:


This well-known stock car was campaigned and driven by Ted Hogan in 1958, making appearances all over Canada and Northern USA tracks including the CNE in Toronto. Hogan was a top race car driver in his day driving this particular car to many victories both in Canada and the US. It was restored by Glen Tustin and Doug Duncan in Toronto and has been displayed in the race car museum at the Canadian National Exhibition for many years. The hood of this race car has been autographed by most of the popular drivers of the era. It is equipped with original-type Chev small-block engine with 3 two-barrel carbs, Vertex magneto and quick-change rear end. The car starts, runs and drives making it a functional candidate for vintage racing.