The Toronto Spring Classic Car Auction 2016

Saturday Lot: SP15
2007 Bentley GTC Convertible
Low Mileage V12
Sunday Lot: 610
2008 Volkswagen GTI
Turbocharged Rarity!
Saturday Lot: 404
1995 Hummer H1
Military Rugged and Civilian Optioned
Saturday Lot: SP64
1966 Chevrolet Impala
Full Size Chevrolet Classic
Friday Lot: 104
1970 Chevrolet Impala
Timeless Classic
Saturday Lot: SP45
1962 Chevrolet Impala Convertible
409/409 Dual-Quad
Friday Lot: 111
1994 Chevrolet K1500 Silverado
California Pickup
Saturday Lot: 423
1995 Cobra Kit Car Roadster
Pampered Sports Car
Saturday Lot: 430
1939 Cadillac LaSalle
Timeless Classic Styling
Sunday Lot: 622
1975 Buick Lesabre Convertible
Full Size Convertible
Offered Without Reserve
Sunday Lot: 616
1989 Lincoln LSC
Lincoln Luxury
Friday Lot: 131
2005 Dodge Magnum
V8 RWD Station Wagon
Offered Without Reserve
Sunday Lot: 627
2006 Dodge Magnum SRT8
Very Low Kilometers and Limited Production
Saturday Lot: SP56
1954 Ford Mainline
Arizona Restoration
Offered Without Reserve
Saturday Lot: SP65
1971 Lincoln Mark III Pickup
Unique Lincoln With Truck Bed
Sunday Lot: 628
1957 Nash Metropolitan
Vintage American Compact
Friday Lot: 127
1997 Mazda Miata MX5 Convertible
Recently Modified
Friday Lot: 143
1993 Rover Mini
John Cooper Edition
Sunday Lot: 615
2005 Austin Mini Cooper S
British Automotive Legend
Offered Without Reserve
Sunday Lot: 624
1980 Shay Model A Recreation Roadster
Ford Approved Model A Recreation