The Toronto Fall Classic Car Auction

Lot : SP25
1960 Volkswagen Beetle 2D

Auctioned on Sunday, October 20, 2019

Not Sold at a High Bid of $12,500

  • Transmission: Manual
  • Exterior Color: Blue
  • Interior Color: Black

Volkswagen founded in 1937 Germany. The humble Beetle, designed to be the average family automobile by Ferdinand Porsche. If any car was to make it through changes and tribulation, this car is it. Canadas first shipment of Volkswagen units came midway through the year of 1952. It consisted of 12 units. Marketed to the young drivers of the times, sales increased. The type 1 Volkswagen was designed in the dirty 30’s, first shipped to Canada in the 50’s…the ice cream floats and poodle skirts era.
Volkswagen sales reached the 1 million mark and became a worldwide sensation in the 1960’s.
This Beetle was built and shipped at a time when society was going to peak. It would no longer be “our parents world’, the laws of society were about to change. The "average person" the Beetle was designed for, was about to become a louder voice. Teenagers were about to be come a force. Minorities would rise up and demand change.
This bug was built in 1960. In 1960 an engine capable of producing 34 horsepower was offered. The Speedometer was increased from 74 to 87 mph. The windshield wiper washer system became available. The front directional light was changed from white to amber. The average income was $5, 315.00 and a gallon of gas was 25 cents.
The average cost of a new car was $2, 600 and the Beetle was $1, 769 USD.
This little Beetle was built in Germany and shipped to North America the same year JFK won the Presidential election after defeating Nixon. He became the youngest person to be elected into the highest office in 1960, only to be assassinated 3 years later. Martin Luther King Jr’s speech, “I have a Dream’, rocked the Nation in August 1963. He too was assassinated before the end of the decade. Technology put Neil Armstrong on the Moon before the end of the decade. Space exploration became possible.
This little Beetle’s first decade was during a historic time of change, growth, and political upheaval.
A previous owner has alleged that this car mayhave been used in an episode during the second season of the tv series 12 Monkeys, set in 1960 Germany. Its life had come full circle and it is now ready for a new owner and new adventure!