The Toronto Fall Classic Car Online Auction

Lot : 404
1978 Ford Shelby 65 Replica Convertible

Auctioned on Saturday, November 7, 2020

Sold at $34,720

  • Engine Displacement: 302
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Exterior Color: Blue

Think about what American cars you have loved throughout your life. It’s almost certain that the Cobra 427 was (or still is) in amongst your favorites. With rounded, flared arches, a gaping mouth and a scoop on the hood, and a pair of racing stripes traversing the (usually) blue paintwork, the baddest Cobra found its place in the history books from the moment it entered production. It was as loud as a pack of lions - if lions were ever to attack in packs - and more unruly than a teenager who’s going through a phase that’s "totally not a phase". The first 50 cars made were Competition or Semi/Competition-spec while the other 260 copies built until late ’67 were tuned to be more street-oriented, although even this can be considered a stretch. That’s why probably no other car can boast with such a wide variety of replicas quite like the Cobra and, naturally, most try to copy the look of the Cobra 427.
Never in the field of modern motoring has a smaller key unleashed a bigger noise. You grab the dainty little key between finger and thumb and twist, sparking not an engine, but some sort of localised volcanic eruption. And now you’re riding this on-going geological event, the whole car trembling and buzzing and shaking so hard you fear for the longevity of the engine mounts. It’s like Wreck-it-Ralph is punching each cylinder up and down, while someone underneath the car appears to be letting off a belt-fed shotgun.
An original is now a million quid and upwards. This replica retails for $94,535. It’s fibreglass-bodied, but you can have it in original aluminium if you value authenticity. Previous water damage. Vehicle runs and drives. Tires are worn.
Own a piece of history with this classic. Its one of the better built replicas on the Market today. Add a couple finishing touches this winter and be ready to Roar this Summer!