The Toronto Spring Classic Car Auction

Lot : SP14
1972 AMC Gremlin X 2D

Auctioned on Saturday, April 13, 2019

Sold at $18,150

  • Engine Displacement: 232
  • Transmission: Automatic

The AMC Gremlin with it's unique, nearly vertical tail hatch, could have been nothing more than an interesting footnote in automotive styling. Instead, the OPEC oil embargo came along just a few years after the introduction of the sub-compact to help make it a sales success story for AMC. The attractive one seen here was subjected to a thorough restoration which was finished up in 2014. The Surfside Turquoise paint looks as good today as when it was applied. It also features air conditioning, power front disc brakes and the desirable "X" package. As popular as they were in the early 70's, every few remain today and this 6 cylinder powered example with its automatic transmission is a great opportunity to own a piece of auto history.