Classic Car Auction of Toronto - Spring

Lot : SP48
2002 Porsche 996 Twin Turbo GT2 Coupe

Auctioned on Sunday, April 5, 2009

Not Sold at a High Bid of $110,000

    There are supercars, and then there is the Porsche 911 GT2. Unveiled at the 2001 Detroit Auto Show and only produced until 2004, the 996-based GT2 has been described as the “evil twin” of the 911 Turbo. With increased boost and upgraded electronic controls, the car produced 456 horsepower, and was described by Porsche project manager Hartmut Kristen as being “…for the driver who wants to be able to take his car to its absolute limits on his own.” Stripped of speed-robbing items like rear seats, power “toys”, and even a spare tire, the GT2 included an adjustable rear wing, extra cooling ducts, and a strengthened six-speed manual gearbox. In addition, the GT2 was equipped with ceramic composite anti-lock brakes, lowered springs, an adjustable suspension, and massive, low-profile tires, providing true racecar handling.

    To handle its high-speed potential, the GT2 was also equipped with a longer nose and other aerodynamic features to increase downforce and stability. Capable of low 12-second quarter-mile times and over 1g on the skidpad, the GT2 was priced at over $276,000, and left magazine road testers speechless. This example shows approximately 14,000 kilometers, and it is one of just 14 GT2s imported to Canada in 2002. In fact, it is one of 22 cars allocated to Canada during the entire GT2 production run. The interior features leather-trimmed racing-style seats, carbon fiber door sills, the “Silver” interior trim package, and aluminum-faced gauges. Offered in as-new condition, this stunning GT2 is a true collector’s item. While exceedingly rare, it is very well suited for a spirited jaunt on your favourite back road, or perhaps a lap or two at Mosport or le Circuit Mont-Tremblant.