The Toronto Spring Classic Car ONLINE Auction

Lot : 433
1970 Plymouth Superbird 440-4

Auctioned on Saturday, June 12, 2021

Sold at $224,000

  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Exterior Color: Blue
  • Interior Color: White

Plymouth developed the 1970 Superbird specifically for NASCAR racing and was a follow-up to the Charger Daytona fielded by Dodge the previous year. NASCAR’s homologation requirement stated that vehicles to be raced must be available to the general public and sold through dealerships in specific minimum numbers. For 1970, NASCAR’s minimum production number was 1,920 units that had to be produced and as it turned out, 1970 was the only production year for the Superbird. For nearly 30 years, the mathematic formula used to determine the exact height of the humongous rear wing was thought to be a highly guarded secret. However, in the 1990’s, a retired Chrysler project engineer loosely claimed that the height was designed to provide clearance for the trunk lid to open freely. Coincidently, the wing height was at the optimum level for maximum downforce.

It is said that the Superbird was designed specifically to lure Richard Petty back to Plymouth for the 1970 racing season and Petty did well that year winning 8 races and placing well in many more. One unique feature about the car being offered here is the fact that it is signed by the one and only Richard Petty himself.

This Winged Warrior was sold new at Al Davenport Plymouth of Portsmouth Virginia but in 1971was traded back in. It was then purchased by another Virginia resident who kept the car for 41 years, before letting it go to the 3rd owner who commissioned the car to a 1.5 year “stripped to bare metal” restoration. The restoration process included the installation of stainless fuel and brake lines, stainless gas tank straps and polished stainless exhaust. Multiple photos of the restoration were taken and compiled into a hard cover coffee table book documenting the restoration.

The car is powered by the original matching numbers 440 cubic inch 4-barrel V8 coupled to the original matching numbers A727 TorqueFlite automatic transmission. Power is then transferred to the original 8.75 inch Heavy Duty rear axle. Not only do the power train numbers match, but all body numbers match as well. Included with the sale of this car, is the original Broadcast Sheet, the Bill of Sale from the Plymouth dealership in 1971, a report from Galen Govier decoding the fender tag and the aforementioned coffee table book. This is believed to be one of the most highly optioned winged cars in existence and not surprisingly, is a Best of Show Award Winner.

Our inspection of the car found it to be in good to mostly excellent condition and with fabulous paint, chrome and interior, it was hard to find any obvious flaws, so we looked a little harder and found that the interior console chrome trim was showing slight signs of age and there were minor scratches in both the left & right quarter window glass.

Very authentic and very nicely documented . . . it doesn’t get much better than this!